Auckland: Best Ugly Bagels

AL Brown’s Best Ugly Bagels is a must have. To be honest, I really dislike bagels. They are stodgy and heavy and I think its like 5 slices of bread in one bagel. However Al will change your mind.

These bagels are handmade and finished off in a wood fire oven instead of the normal boiling process and then baked. They have a much lighter and chewier texture, and are a good quick bite if your on the run.

The toppings are unique. Below I have tried the TAB – tomato, avo and basil. Sounds basic, but its finished with a lemon fennel oil, which really just completes it. For more of a kick try the Yodi. Hidden underneath is a habanero mustard and finished with pastrami and swiss. If you are more classic, have the King which are your traditional flavours of salmon and cream cheese.

If you have gone as many times I have, try the ‘Bagel of the Moment’.

Food: 9/10
Service: 10/10 – I have given this a 10 even though theres no real service, but the food is efficient and there’s no missing your order with the P.A System.
Value for money: Good

City Works Depot
Cnr Wellesley St & Nelson St
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm


Yodi & King Bagels
Yodi & King Bagels


besutugly2       bestugly3

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