Auckland: Blue Breeze Inn

“Modern Pacific Chinese” reads the business card of newest eatery on the Ponsonby strip, The Blue Breeze Inn. The stylish abode has a Southern Asian interior mixed with a 50’s Pacifica charm. The quirky restaurant is bright and open with floor to ceiling windows and delicate lampshades hanging over every table.  

Its fusion cuisine reflects a Pacifica theme mixed with Asian methods of cookery, flavour and ingredients. All the plates are designed for sharing. I like and I don’t like this place.. Its fusion combinations don’t excite me as its not original by making your everyday shui mai and har gau dumplings.

It keeps with the Pacifica theme by using alternative meats and seafood not commonly used in Southern Asian cuisine such as boar, tua tua and lamb. The menu also caters to vegetarians with most dishes having the option to be altered.

The prices reflect the majority of the dishes based on the portion size and the clientele, which i find to fit the more corporate clientele, who have the money to spend at a place like this. However for an average diner, three dumplings for $9 and $8 for one pork or chicken bun is a tad costly.

This place will suit you if you don’t mind spending money on over priced items, when you can get better value for your money in most authentic Chinese restaurants.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Value for Money: Average

146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-Late

Wok Fried Tua Tua
Wok Fried Tua Tua
Har Gau
Har Gau
Smoked Tofu & Asian Herb Salad
Smoked Tofu & Asian Herb Salad
Steamed Bun of Peking Pork Belly & Pickled Cucumber
Steamed Bun of Peking Pork Belly & Pickled Cucumber

bluebreeze1       bluebreeze3

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