Auckland: Ebisu

This is how you do Japanese food! Ebisu is a top place to eat at! I was nervous to try here as originally I thought it looked pretentious and suited a more corporate clientele. However a friend of mine and I came before a concert one evening. From the pics you can see we ordered a Mixed Tempura, Crab and Mango roll, the Wagyu Dumplings and the Sticky Pork Belly – which I’ve seamed to lost the pic of.

Everything was displayed beautifully and tasted as good as it looks. They don’t try to hard to be too modern or fusion. The food speaks for itself. The crab and mango roll was different. I tend to order menu items you don’t find elsewhere. Great place for sharing plates and all great value for your money.

The restaurant is modern and spacious and very inviting. Food and staff are efficient.

I definitely recommend this eatery! Nothing to fault!

Food: 9/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for money: Good

116-118 Quay Street, Britomart
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Fri 12pm-Late
Sat-Sun 5pm-Late

Mixed Tempura
Mixed Tempura
Crab & Mango Roll
Crab & Mango Roll
Wagyu Dumplings
Wagyu Dumplings

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