Auckland: Masu

Masu has recently been named the top restaurant of the year by The Metro Magazine. Im sorry but I think this is terribly mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, the decor is comfortable and chic and welcoming. The staff are prominent and polite. Its just a shame the food just doesn’t quite match the high expectations. 

Ive been eating out a lot and not just the expensive places, but the cheap eats that are advertised on behalf of the Metro Mag, and now that the places are shown off, the expectation for these places heighten. Its a disappointed when the eatery doesn’t meet those expectations and Masu is one of them.

The edamame beans were like any others you would receive. Im not sure what was glazed about the kumara, but it was very dry and lacked flavour. I would suggest using a orange kumara to help sweeten the dish. The soft  shell crab sushi was nice but nothing suggested special, and it wasn’t rolled that well. The clams and the ribs were the nicest dishes and suggested a bit more class and difference.

The issue with Masu is, if the expectation wasn’t so high after the hype of its show and review in the Metro, maybe we would be more forgiving. Also the prices do not reflect the food. I am happy to spend the money where the food is of that quality and value, but the size and the quality of the dishes do not stack up. Come up Masu you need to pick up your game.

Food: 5/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Poor

90 Federal Street, Auckland CBD
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 12-3pm, 530pm-Late

Edamame Beans
Edamame Beans
Satsumaimo - Teriyaki Glazed Kumara
Satsumaimo – Teriyaki Glazed Kumara
Age Watari Gani - Soft Shell Crab
Age Watari Gani – Soft Shell Crab
Asari No Miso Tobanyaki - Cloudy Bay Clams
Asari No Miso Tobanyaki – Cloudy Bay Clams
Kobuta No Libu No Yawaraka Nikomi - Baby Back Pork Ribs
Kobuta No Libu No Yawaraka Nikomi – Baby Back Pork Ribs

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. If it weren’t for the hype, I might have rated Masu a bit better, but as it was I was expecting to be impressed. We had a waiter who was over the top excellent but the other staff acted like they were doing us a huge favour by turning up. Some of the dishes made no sense to me. Like tuna hidden in deep fried sushi rolls with very hot chili flakes. I couldn’t taste the tuna at all. It was such a shame.


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