Auckland: Orleans

Orleans is a very hip eatery. It showcases live blues music whilst serving Southern American food, it’s the only place like it in Auckland. 

There are plenty of new eateries popping up in Auckland and all bringing an American twist. Orleans packs plenty of flavour and also plenty of grease. Although a majority of the menu items are deep fried, nothing tastes overly greasy. If you want that all American experience try the Chicken Waffle. It’s both sweet and savoury but theres something moorish about this dish. The Salmon Collar is another dish you don’t see on most menus. If your not a fussy eater, give this a go. It has a interesting texture, however it probably wasn’t as much of as a standout dish as some. The po boys are great to share for two people. The price for the value is fair and definitely gives you flavour and texture and I would order it again.

The only let down was probably the jalapeño cornbread. It was just a bit dry and bland. The atmosphere is awesome, the food is really good and its good value for money. I would def recommend it.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for Money: Good

48 Customs Street East, Britomart
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Fri: 1130am-Late
Sat-Sun: 430pm-Late

Salmon Collar
Salmon Collar
Po Boy
Po Boy
Andouillie Jambalaya Balls
Andouillie Jambalaya Balls
Chicken Waffle
Chicken Waffle
Curly Fries
Curly Fries



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