Auckland: St Heliers Bay Cafe and Bistro

The Hip Group brings St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro. This place is a winner! My cousin and I dined here for lunch. 

The decor is beautiful. Its very modern but warming at the same time. All though there a lot of tables and all quite close to one another it’s not too over bearing. This place is done right. The food was delicious and those fries, so yum! The one little let down was that my fish was slightly over cooked, but I was too hungry at the time to send it back, however they were happy to take constructive criticism when I mentioned it after the meal.

You get an awesome view of the water whilst you eat and are served by lovely people. If you are in a rush they also have a takeout menu on side. Def recommend and come for a visit! Good food, value and service!

Food: 9
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

387 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

Market Fish
Market Fish
Agria Hash Benedict
Agria Hash Benedict

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