Auckland: Welcome Eatery

I recently visited Welcome Eatery after a friends suggestion. Newly opened 2months ago. From the outside, you would think its more of a corporate cafe, however the inside is modern and airy. 

The decor showcases polished concrete floors, with wooden tables. Seats are comfortable, with either individual tables, couch seats and bar seats.

The team are friendly and you are welcomed as you enter the door. There is table service (which i really like), if its a cafe where there are servers then you shouldn’t have to order at a counter unless your doing takeaway.

We ordered the Smashed Avocado, Lamb Salad and Cocoa Smoothies. The food was really tasty and efficient considering thats newly opened. I recommend the Avocado stack for someone who isn’t overly hungry, as the portion size isn’t large, however the bread was def very tasty. Other deli items are on offer to takeaway, all of which were quite appetising. The only issue I have is the price for smoothies in Auckland. $8 for a smoothie..Do we think this stacks up to value for what you get? Is this because everyone is following this new trend? Although the Avocado stack was healthy and tasty, i think it was a tad overpriced for its true value. It could be improved through maybe another slice of bread.

This cafe gets the tick for service and food. I really like how healthy free range and organic food is becoming more influenced in Auckland.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

181 Grafton rd, Grafton
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 730am-4pm

Smashed Avocado
Smashed Avocado
Lamb Salad
Lamb Salad
Cocoa Smoothies
Cocoa Smoothies

welcome4 welcome5

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  1. I really like the salads here. For $10 you get a HUGE portion. Best to takeaway so you can save some for later.


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