Auckland: Clear Water Peak

After seeing the beautiful food photos online, I had to try Clear Water Peak. I googled the address and realised its another new cafe on Ponsonby Road. My friends and I tried this new eatery on a quiet Monday lunch and when we arrived I realised, I’ve been here before HA! Clear Water Peak is the old Landreth & Co. After speaking with the waitress she said its the same owners, just with a new name and a new spruced up menu.

This is a great place to be on a cold windy day. Its small, cosy and fitted with heaters.  The food has definitely had a makeover. The food is presented so beautifully and the plates were heated too – which is great for a winters day!

The food we ordered overall was relatively tasty. There are just a couple things they could work on. The meatballs sauce lacked a bit of oomph and just had a bit too much tomato paste. The swedish sandwich was nice but it just lost a bit of its texture with a bit too much mayo. Nothing to fault with the Salt beef toast – aka a Reuben sandwich, the sauce which was in was absolutely delicious and addictive. The banana smoothie was $7 which is fair and was one of the best smoothies I’ve had. It wasn’t too cold and the LSA in it really added to its flavour .. A+. I think one other thing we all agreed on, the size of the meals were a bit small for the price.

The waitress was friendly so great service! Its great for a warm hideaway in Ponsonby.

Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Average

272 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 630am-5pm
Sat-Sun 630am-4pm

Swedish Sandwich Cake
Swedish Sandwich Cake
Salt Beef Toastie
Salt Beef Toastie
Lamb & Feta Meatballs
Lamb & Feta Meatballs


clearwater5 clearwater6 clearwater7

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