Auckland: Rosie

Rosie is another wonderful cafe from The Hip Group. The menu follows similar suit to their other eateries, with breakfast and lunch options presented beautifully.

I have actually come twice now and the food hasn’t disappointed. The two top pics are actually the same dish, though mine on the right is no egg but with mushrooms — eek as i don’t like eggs. The one on the left also has the sauce on the side. They are the beef brisket with potato galette. Absoultly delicious, great cooking temperature and both $18 – great value for money. I was def feeling stuffed after that. One downside that bothered me – it was served in a bowl! I realise that these are the “in trends” but its a pain and inconvenient. Serve my dish on a plate please.

The pulled beef tartine below – also $18 was not really value for money. Its a a shame because it actually tasted really nice. Great texture and flavour but I was left still hungry. I ordered this when they first opened so the dish may have improved in size – not sure? Dessert was great. I don’t normally like cinnamon but i would recommend this sponge as it isn’t over powering in flavour. One other improvement I think is the smoothie may need more malt – you wouldn’t know its malt and honey otherwise.

Overall service was attentive and friendly. Great warm atmosphere and beautiful decor. Btw love their open kitchen! Sorry forgot to take photos of the decor – too busy chatting away

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Good

82 Gladstone road, Parnell
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 630am-Late

rosie1 rosie4 rosie3   rosie5

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