Auckland: RAD

RAD is a very chic, quirky and trendy cafe found in the midst of the Mt Eden shops (Mt Eden rd). The cafe is designed for casual lounging, a quick coffee, or a delicious place for breakfast and lunch.

This is the second time I’ve been and you can’t be disappointed by their amazingly home made bread. They make brioche, ciabatta and Vietnamese baguette for their RAD Rolls and OMG — all three of their breads are so unbelievably soft! The rolls are all served quickly and this is because the only thing they need to cook is the protein. This is really smart. They all have great flavour, I feel like they are just 1 dimensional. The meatballs roll could really maybe use some caramelised onions – just something to beef it up. We both agreed that although they taste great the price is a bit much being $12.5-13.5 each roll. I just think they either need more ingredients to make it more valuable or I would be much happier paying around $11-11.50 per roll.

I have to say though – the smoothies and juices are absolutely moorish and am very happy to pay $7 each. The service is friendly and the barista is inquisitive about your day. I only wish they did table service, that would be a great add. Overall, love the decor, service and food and would def recommendRAD any day.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Value for money: Good

397 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sat 630am-4pm
Sun 8am-4pm

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