Auckland: Banque

Banque is a quiet, but trendy eatery found on Remuera Road. I had been meaning to try this place for weeks after the good recommendations from a cousin. 

The inside is totally not what you expect. Don’t be put off from this place, because its in Remuera and gives that upperclass vibe. The inside of Banque, is totally comforting and relaxing. Theres wonderful warm decor and an inside fire. Its a great place to have lunch or dinner with a glass of wine.

My dining partner and I went for a quiet Friday lunch. Banque’s menu is designed for sharing. The menu has a slight Asian flavour.
I would def recommend having the Bluff oysters and diamond shell clams. They were served with a delicious dipping sauce. Obviously Bluff oysters are only served to season, so if you have the chance to eat them, try them! I wouldn’t normally order any kind of pizza, but seeing it was a pizza bread it was a good choice for a filler, but tbh it was really tasty. The dough was super soft and flavour was great.

The other two dishes were just a bit bland and lacked the same flavour excitement as the other dishes. I would recommend for Banque to just add more flavour to the ribs instead of just covering them in hoisin sauce. Although i think its a great idea serving lamb ribs as its pretty rare on other restaurant menus. Service was great, lovely guy who served us and I think i may have even tipped him. Would def recommend coming here, for good food, great atmosphere and service. Also good value for money, but Banque features in the Entertainment book if you want a good deal.

Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Average

311 Remuera road, Remuera
Opening Hours: 
Mon, Tues, Sat, Sun: 3pm-Late
Weds-Fri: 12pm-Late

Sticky Lamb Ribs
Sticky Lamb Ribs
Bluff Oysters & Diamond Shell Clams
Bluff Oysters & Diamond Shell Clams
Crab Lettuce Rolls
Crab Lettuce Rolls
Sage & Onion Pizza Bread
Sage & Onion Pizza Bread

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