Auckland: Have you got Crabs? .. On a Sunday and Monday

Orleans brings you The Crab Shack on a Sunday and Monday evenings as a point of difference. With the only place I know of in Auckland, they bring you a small menu of 2 crab options, and a lobster roll with a few sides. If you have been to Orleans before, I raved about the great food and the option is there to order from their current menu. Its a great place to get messy, but don’t worry a bib is provided and the appropriate tools to crack that crab!

Ordering the lobster roll is a must. The bun is beautifully soft and moorish and the filling has a delicious lemon chive mayo! So between the two of us we shared the crab, the crayfish roll and i had a cheeky bread roll and butter on the side, where my friend pigged out on a dessert after, which I sadly couldn’t have any due to this Dry July. If theres more than two of you, order both crabs and a few more sides to be fully satisfied.

Go get messy with crabs! Highly recommend the fun and its something to go do on a Sunday or Monday night!

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 9/5/10
Value for Money: Very Good

48 Customs st East, Britomart
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 4pm-Late

IMG_1282 IMG_1277IMG_1273IMG_1275

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