Auckland: Big J’s

I was actually recommended Big J’s before it made it on The Metro’s Cheap Eat list. Friends of mine live near by and were raving about Big J’s. I have been wanting to come since xmas of last year after seeing plenty of photos of their burgers posted on FB. Big J’s is takeaways with a difference. Its owned and operated by a chef with 25years in the industry. 

Most of the time you are judging a burger on two things – the patty and burger bun. These handmade patties are super soft. This has to be one of the best patties I have had from a takeaway store. The burger buns were nice but maybe could have used a bit more toasting, just to hold the burger together a bit better. I chose the beef and mushroom burger, great size for someone like me also I didn’t want to order a huge burger like the bf because I wanted to keep room for the chips and gravy. Yes they do chips and gravy! Not sure who else is as big of a fan as me when it comes to chips and gravy – but its one of my fav combos. The hawaiian burger had great flavour but just lacked more pineapple and disappointed with the bacon as the texture was a bit tough – this could just be improved by putting a crispy piece in instead.

Orders come out relatively quick – we came a sunday night so not sure on the hype on a fri and sat night but for a sunday it was pretty busy – but it was probably feeding a great deal of the hangover demographic. I personally liked my burger better but being a chef you always analyse any menu and try pick what item you think will be best to avoid food envy. Great Takeaways and would recommend it any day.

Food: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for Money: Very Good

4/1 Melton Road, Mt Wellington
Opening Hours:

Tues 12-9
Weds-Sat 11am-9pm
Sun 11am-830pm


Hawaiian Burger
Hawaiian Burger
Beef and Mushroom Burger
Beef and Mushroom Burger
Chips and Gravy and Onion Rings
Chips and Gravy and Onion Rings

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