Auckland: Fatimas

Fatima’s has been around for some time now and I have been quite a regular customer to the Ponsonby branch, the other being in Takapuna. Fatima’s is a great takeout option for a filling and tasty feed. 

They offer pitas, as shown below, chawarmas and salads. The pitas are a tightly filled wrap with most of them offering chicken, lamb or tofu for the protein. If you’re feeling adventurous give the ‘Catch of the day’ a go to have fish or if you are a fan of mango and avocado, opt for the ‘Pacific Pita’. To be honest most of the time I choose the Fatima’s favourite with Lamb and no cheese. Its my favourite and I can’t get enough of the combo of the tomato relish, aioli and chilli together. This place is great as they cook their meat to order and use fresh ingredients, giving you a nice hot pita or charwarma. So far all the proteins have been cooked to the right degree.
Ive had a chawarma once, its better if you don’t have a huge appetite as they are smaller but the bap bun is a nice difference from most eateries.
If you are eating with someone share a side of the koftas. Who doesn’t love little balls of fried potato. Served with their sweet chilli aioli it’s so unhealthy but soo good. My only small issue is I wish their chicken was Free Range, as their chicken options look delicious and i think they could widen their demographic offering FR Chicken.

Great ‘Quick Bite’ on the run or if you live near by and can’t be bothered cooking. Huge fan of Fatima’s and yet to be disappointed. Service is quick, online ordering is also on offer.

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

240 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 1130-10pm

Fatimas Favourite w/Lamb - no cheese
Fatimas Favourite w/Lamb – no cheese
Potato Koftas with Sweet Chilli Aioli
Potato Koftas with Sweet Chilli Aioli

fatimas6fatimas3      fatimas1 fatimas2

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