Auckland: Boy and Bird

Boy and Bird is the great new venture from NZ Chef Michael Van De Elzen. I thought it was brave to open an eatery with a similar concept as Bird on Wire since, also just being down the road, its up against some strong competition. I was actually pleasantly surprised of the ‘chicken kitchen’

Between two of us we shared everything, but the menu is versatile for sharing or individual portions. Boy and Bird is known for serving free range chicken which has been citrus brined, spice rubbed and rotisseried. The meal options are served with slaw and chunkies, with choice of a whole, half or quarter of a chicken. What I admire is the length that is taken to offer healthier options. Whether you want white or brown meat for quarter birds and no skin can be asked upon request.

Everything we had was full of flavour, very light and grease-free.  Oh except the Beef Krokets ha. Although you dont leave feeling stuffed or bloated. The salad was fresh and vibrant. Its a great portion size, and although its $14 and vegetarian, the ingredients in the salad are expensive such as halloumi and quinoa, so it all adds up to its value. The Chicken brioche roll was nice but to be honest the bun itself didn’t taste anything special. If we hadn’t been told their purple (they use a purple potato in the dough) and steamed, I would think its a pretty ordinary roll. The beef krokets are great, as the meat is pulled which we didn’t expect so they were really tender, although they looked a bit overcooked from the fryer.

I was really pleased by the great waiter, he was efficient and meal checked. So tick tick. Good Job Boy and Bird – keep up the good work.

Service: 8.5/10
Value for Money: Very Good

222 Ponsonby road, Ponsonby 
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-Late

Sauteed kale, fennel, quinoa, apple, halloumi w smoked almonds Salad
Sauteed kale, fennel, quinoa, apple, halloumi w smoked almonds Salad
Chicken w Pickled Slaw Roll
Chicken w Pickled Slaw Roll
Dutch Beef Krokets
Dutch Beef Krokets

boybird4      boybird5

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