Auckland: Jam Organic Cafe

Jam Organic Cafe is absolutely delicious! Its very health conscious by providing free range products such as bacon, eggs, chicken and everything organic where possible. A huge tick which I totally follow in my own weekly food shopping.

This is a great venue for a sunny day, because most of it sits outside in the sun. So not the best place to visit on day with rainy weather. The quinoa fritters were a great modern take on the boring corn fritters, served at most cafes. Mixed with beetroot, they are light and airy with no grease. The candied walnuts gave it the texture it needs with that tad of sweetness to balance a savoury dish. Its a very innovative dish and something different to order. The only issue was there was too much feta, which over powered the dish slightly, also I personally am not a fan of feta so that could just be me. No complaints with the egg white omelette from my mate.

The banana smoothie was delicious – and wow soooo big! Couldn’t believe the size. Big tick for value for money right there. I would happily return, even if its a short drive to the north shore.

Great service, value for money and love the healthy vibe the cafe provides.

Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Very Good

33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sat 7am-3pm
Sun 8am-3pm

Banana Smoothie
Banana Smoothie
Quinoa Fritters
Quinoa Fritters
Eggwhite Omelette
Eggwhite Omelette

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