Auckland: Industry Zen

Industry Zen is Japanese with a difference. With most Japanese restaurants in Auckland, they all bring  similar menus, with a range from sashimi, tapas and bento meals etc. Alike is Industry Zen, but they present their food in such innovative ways.

From what we received looks pretty standard but as we were dining, we think the lunch combos we saw, are served in replicas of the traditional Japanese huts, or with Japanese bridges. Japanese is one of the best cuisines to share with others. I almost always order soft shell crab, whether it is its own dish or comes in the form of sushi, its just that something else you don’t get from other cuisine’s. This one really stacks up, whilst being served on mustard sauce – sounds weird but it really works and just enhanced the flavours of the dish.

Takoyaki was hot and fresh, but there was less octopus than I would have liked. These yum yum prawns really were yum yum – sorry that’s cheesy. But delivered on this hot sizzling plate and probably not the most healthiest dish with all the sauce it was coated it, but omg, good.

The service is efficient and friendly but the atmosphere was a let down. Although its well themed inside, there was an annoying loud noise from the air conditioning unit on the roof I think and the inside is a bit dated. Its a shame because the food is almost top notch! Just a few hiccups but overall a decent meal.

Food: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

104D Customs Street W, Auckland Central
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, 530pm-11pm

Soft Shell Crab Sushi
Soft Shell Crab Sushi
Yum Yum Prawns
Yum Yum Prawns
Takoyaki - Octopus Balls
Takoyaki – Octopus Balls

industryzen6 industryzen7    Industryzen1

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