Auckland: Mexico

Mexico is where you can have boisterous vibes, cocktails and cheap Mexican eats. With its popularity the stores have begun to spread to other areas of the country after starting a few in Auckland. 

I am a bit disappointed writing this review, because I had been to Mexico a few times before the change of the new menu, and tbh I was a fan of the cheap eats, even though they weren’t authentic. There were definitely hits and misses with the new menu. I think the pork taco was a great choice, the pineapple salsa gives it a fresh flavour and brings a nice texture to it. Although the polenta chips were nice, they were just far too big and too filling, and with the blue cheese milk it was just too rich, and we agreed it would be nice if it was served with a chipotle aioli maybe.

The biggest disappointment were the filled gorditas, although the filling was nice, the gordita itself was so oily I couldn’t even finish it, it dripped in oil and was just unappetising. Also I think they were $15, which makes its quite poor value for money. The dish we enjoyed the most was the blackboard special, the prawn tostaditas, it was light and fresh and kept on par with the Mexican theme.

Based on this experience, I would recommend they return to their original menu, why change whats already so good.

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Value for Money: Good

164 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-Late

Prawn Tostaditas Special
Prawn Tostaditas Special
Lamb Taco Special
Lamb Taco Special
Crisp Patatas
Crisp Patatas
Gorditas filled with braised coconut brisket
Gorditas filled with braised coconut brisket
Bbq Pork Soft Shell Taco
Bbq Pork Soft Shell Taco

Mexico4   Mexico5


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