Auckland: Xuxu Dumpling Bar

Xuxu is the little sister to Cafe Hanoi across the road. The newly modern dumpling bar serves two great combinations, dumplings and cocktails. To be honest, I am a bit of a dumpling snob. Im at yum char either every second week but my expectations are high due to the traditional Chinese dumplings my grandma makes. 

Xuxu combines modern with traditional, offering your classic dumplings such as the har gau (prawn dumpling) but tries to modernise the menu with beef short rib dumplings also on offer. To be honest, these dumplings just don’t hit the mark. Most of the time the filling is satisfying and its the wrapper that you judge. The wrapper just weren’t soft and moist enough. They weren’t thin enough either and on the corners of some, they were dry. The only dumplings i enjoyed for the filling were the spinach and cabbage momo. They had flavour and juice. It was sad to say the other dumplings, just were dry. They lacked moisture and that balance of flavours that one has at yum char.

The dumplings are just not traditional and the fusion doesn’t work. Its a shame because the fit out of the bar is relaxed and trendy. The service is friendly. To be honest, go for the cocktails because they were amazing, quite expensive but they are worth the pennies.

Food: 5/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

Cnr of Galway Street and Commerce Street, Auckland Central.
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Tues 4pm-Late
Weds-Fri 12pm-Late
Sat 5pm-Late

Spinach and Cabbage Momo
Spinach and Cabbage Momo
Lamb and fennel Dumplings
Lamb and fennel Dumplings
Beef and Celery Dumplings
Beef and Celery Dumplings



Xuxu6               Xuxu7

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