Auckland: Onehunga Night Markets

You can’t get much better for night markets. With the different venues from Tuesday-Sunday nights, you will always find that cheap eat. Most dishes range from $2-10 and the variety is extensive. From dumplings, to kebabs, pad thai to takoyaki, but also indian and greek dishes are on offer. 

If you have any room left, grab some dessert such as churros, gelato or egg tarts. The atmosphere is alive and bustling. I tend to go more for the food then the cheap products on offer but its a great place to get a cheap phone case or 4pack of socks ha. Any of the night markets will give you the same experience, cheap food with a fun atmosphere.

Below are some of the pics i grabbed. For this review I won’t be rating the night markets only because you can’t have high expectations, because they are what they are, markets. The advice I can give though, choose items that are being made fresh to order, as they will be served steaming hot and more satisfying when you munch on it.

151 Arthur Street, Onehunga Dress smart. (Other Locations and times) 

OnehungaNM3    OnehungaNM2OnehungaNM1  OnehungaNM5  OnehungaNM4  OnehungaNM7 OnehungaNM6OnehungaNM8 OnehungaNM9   OnehungaNM11 OnehungaNM12   OnehungaNM13


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