Auckland: Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is the new kid on the block in Mt Albert, bringing Taiwanese fusion with a trendy and modern outfitting.
I would call this place a quick bite because the menu is limited to gua baos aka the Taiwanese burger and a few sides. I thought this would be a great place. Since the menu is simple, there is no place to hide and what they provide should be done really well. However to be honest I was pretty disappointed.

Firstly theres no table service, which I think for the size of the area and amount of tables I feel its needed. Also when we asked to order one of each bun, the girl taking the order was like there is no squid bun, and we were like its on the menu. We had to point to her to the menu continuously, it was very odd. Maybe some training is needed for the staff. Another recommendation is to change or update the wine list, as no one recognises where the wine comes from and knowledge is key.

The buns themselves were good. At least there was plenty of filling. A few downsides were that they don’t actually make the bun themselves which I think is a shame. If thats the main menu item, there isn’t a lot of labour that goes into the bun for them to sell at $8 a pop. Also nothing comes out hot. It was only just luke warm and they came out extremely quick after ordering – too quick, which makes you question your order. However I know thats an issue that doesn’t bother all diners. Some positives were the house made satay sauce found in the tofu bao, and the pork belly was cooked well and oozed plenty of flavour. Also a note, I wouldn’t bother ordering the Asian Slaw as a side if you order the baos, because its the same filling as whats in the baos.

I think theres future potential because the atmosphere and fit out is great, I think the food needs to lift its game especially now with all the competition in the Auckland area.

Food: 5/10
Service: 5/10
Value for Money: Ok

4 Owairaka Ave, Mt Albert
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 4pm-Late

Chicken Gua Bao
Chicken Gua Bao
Asian Slaw
Asian Slaw
Squid Gua Bao
Squid Gua Bao
Pork belly Gua Bao
Pork belly Gua Bao
Tofu Gua Bao
Tofu Gua Bao

Chinoiserie6           Chinoiserie7


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