Auckland: Indochine Kitchen

Indochine is casual eatery in the centre of town offering Vietnamese tapas. I have mixed reviews due to…
The interior of the eatery has a cold vibe. I think its due to the tall tables and the seats are awkward to pull out. I feel like the interior and the waiting staff don’t follow the same theme to the food.
The uniform for the staff was odd – maybe it was because Indochine is in the city? but petit girls in backless halter tops with short shorts. You feel uncomfortable for them. I just think its maybe an outfit you would expect at a bar where you’re trying to make tips if you get what I mean.

The food was really great. If you want something light and healthy this is place you want to visit. Oh btw we came for dinner – their lunch menu is slightly different. The prawn rice paper rolls says you get 5, however don’t be fooled – they aren’t 5 normal full size rice paper rolls, although they pack a heap of flavour and were freshly made. We found the tofu rice paper rolls were disappointing because the tofu was hardly visible which meant you could hardly taste it was there.

The charcoal beef steak wasn’t what I expected – presented in a lettuce wrap but it was a good surprise. The mango brings a a vibrant flavour to the dish. If you want something with a bit of a punch order the squid. Probably a little spicier than it implies on the menu but if you like chilli like myself you won’t be bothered.

What I liked most is that the say what they actually are and thats tapas – Theres no trying to make portions or anything like some tapas restaurants. I would recommend ordering at least 4 dishes between the two of you if you want to be full. This is a place I would recommend to try, just dont take into account the odd waitresses attire.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

42 Fort Street, Auckland Central
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-Late

Indochine1   Indochine2

Free Spicy Peanuts
Free Spicy Peanuts
Prawn Rice Paper Rolls
Prawn Rice Paper Rolls
Charcoal Sirloin
Charcoal Sirloin
Charcoal BBQ Squid
Charcoal BBQ Squid
Tofu Rice Paper Rolls
Tofu Rice Paper Rolls

Indochine6    Indochine7


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