Auckland: Zool Zool

Zool Zool is the brand new ramen bar on Mt Eden road nestled in with the other popular eateries. To be honest it wasn’t on my top places to visit, but for a simple late night feed it’s a good option.

I’m definitely no noodle queen, but from the ramen bowls we had, theres a great amount of flavour in the broths. There was a small complaint from my friend that there wasn’t enough meat in her bowl, but ramen is normally about the noodles vs the other accompaniments. No different to pasta dishes at italian restaurants.

If you want a broth with a stronger flavour choose the Tantan. It actually wasn’t too spicy. If you’re more into subtle flavours go with the Tonkotsu bowl. I loved that the ramen soup spoons were wooden. The texture gives it a really smooth feel in your mouth and the scoop is perfect for sipping the soup plus fits the noodles perfectly. The ramen were presented in beautiful bowls and at a appropriate size to eat from – which sounds weird to say, but I have eaten at other places where the bowl is too big and awkward to eat from. Lastly if you love edmame they come in 4 different flavours served in old school lunch paper bags with a punch of flavour. The garlic edamame was extremely salty but extremely good.
Zool Zool is cool cool.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Very Good

405 Mt Eden road, Mt Eden
Opening Hours: 
Tues-Sat 1130am-10pm
Sun 1130am-230pm

Garlic Edmame
Garlic Edmame
Tantan Ramen
Tantan Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen

Zoolzool4      Zoolzool5


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  1. I get jealous of all the food options in Auckland! I’m a small town girl, so there’s not a lot out there. Those Garlic Edmame look amazing!!

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    1. Well if you come to Auckland some time at least you have plenty of options to choose from! I just moved to England, so new reviews coming soon from there but still have a few more NZ reviews to do while I’m here 🙂


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