Event: Auckland Seafood Festival

Once a year during the hot month of Summer, the deliciously fresh Seafood Festival comes to Auckland. If you haven’t been prior I would highly recommend it. However from all the years I have attended, this has been the most unorganized. They introduced the awop card system which does hurry the process when paying, but there was so much confusion at the entrance with paying or giving over tickets etc, just something I would recommend they need to sort out for next year.

The atmosphere is pumping with live music, and set up with a range of stalls, of everything seafood. Every year we have not gone with out getting a mussel fritter from the guys on the side boat – you will understand if you have been. If you are a fatty like myself make sure you come with a couple of people, that way you can share everything and eat more.

We had delicious semolina crusted fish sliders; the fish was perfectly cooked and steaming hot. We just thought the bun could have been better from being slightly toasted. I am proud to say that the students from NSIA, served up a couple of great dishes. The fish taco – full of flavour, with a bit of spice and perfectly cooked. The other girls had to try eel for the first time – actually all went down tastefully. Oh we did have these delicious macadamia crumbed scallops but we ate them all too quickly before we snapped up a pic haha. We noticed, there were a lack of prawns this year, which was a shame but plenty of oysters on offer. If you are more of the big spender, there were plenty of lobsters and scampi so sufficiently amounts of food to fill any sort of diner’s pocket.

It’s a great day out with a blazing sun, live music and freshly cooked seafood.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Very Good


Ginger Honey Salmon
Ginger Honey Salmon
Fish Sliders
Fish Sliders
Mussel Fritter
Mussel Fritter
Eel and Fish Taco
Eel and Fish Taco
Mussel Fritter, Whitebait Fritter and Smoke Fish
Mussel Fritter, Whitebait Fritter and Smoked Fish

IMG_3395     IMG_3390

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  1. Glad you had a good time. I was super impressed by NSIA too. Their menu was so sophisticated and unexpected. I had their baby octopus with honey which was my favourite dish of the festival. Your sliders look great, better than the ones we tried which didn’t have enough remoulade on them. I’m a bit of a sauce fiend when it comes to burgers. I didn’t try any oysters but I did notice the distinct lack of prawns this year. No matter, I was very happy with the scampi.

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    1. Yer it was good! Totally needed more shade. It was a stinking hot day. It was my last bit foodie event before i moved to england. So was a fun day overall. At least this year I can check out the London Taste Food Show and it will be a good comparison to the Auckland one!


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