London: Flesh and Buns

Flesh and Buns has to be one of the only places I have returned to more than once. New to London can make you hesitant about whats going to impress you, with so many options to try and opinions differ quite a bit compared to NZ.

If you want a fun atmosphere with sharing plates this is the place to go. instead of choosing the baos based on fillings, its more of a DIY. Choose your “Flesh” – pork, steak, salmon, etc all amazingly cooked with a burst of flavour and served on the side a small bowl of lettuce and shaved cucumber. Fatten or skinny your bun as your choose, the buns are soft like pillows and served warm in bamboo steamers.

If you’re not hungry enough for buns, opt for the delicious tapas. The ceviche is fresh and vibrant, although I am quite bias when it comes to salmon. The dish i would recommend for everyone to order is Korean fried rice. Its served in a sizzling hot pot, and your waiter will mix it at your table, where it gains this amazing crunchy bottom or top I should say. For my birthday I treated myself to the smores for dessert – maybe not quite Japanese, but great idea. If you’re not afraid to get messy then its a little fun.

Overall I can’t complain about the food, I just think the service could use some enthusiasm. It would be nice if they could crack a smile. Its a shame the staff are a bit arrogant, because the food and the bustling atmosphere really makes up for great evening.

Food: 9/10
Service: 6.5/10
Value for Money: Very Good

41 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LX
Opening Hours:
Mon-Tues 12pm-3pm, 5pm-1030pm
Weds-Fri 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 12pm-930pm

Crab Tempura Sushi
Crab Tempura Sushi
Chips and Dips
Chips and Dips
Korean Fried Rice
Korean Fried Rice


Fleshandbuns10      Fleshandbuns1


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