Event: London Coffee Festival

Do you have to like coffee to go to a coffee festival? In this case no. With my aim to eat and experience every type of food and beverage festival whilst living the “London Dream”, I figured.. the coffee festival has food stalls so that was enough of an excuse to say why not. To be honest I knew there would be a lot of coffee samples, and for my partner whose coffee obsessed, the show suited him well.

For the non-coffee drinker like myself, I found joy in the alternatively other great products. The Nakd Company were selling specials on their pressed bars – which I have become a fan of recently. Plenty of chocolate stalls, tea stalls, natural juices and the cheeky donut could be found. We noticed however there were a lack of coffee products, e.g. no coffee choc, which was odd, but I guess people are there essentially to drink coffee ha! I stumbled upon a great kiwi company, which was a nice home comfort, “West Coast Cocoa” – serving up a delicious rang of hot chocolate and chai drinks, (check them out). A new first for me, watching a masters “barista off” – who would have thought? Who could serve up two coffees with the patterns thrown out from an oversized dice.

For the small entry fee, you are definitely getting your moneys worth. Free samples, goodie bag on entering and discounts on most of the products for sale. The festival was decently large and brings a vibrant, fun atmosphere from a pumping live band.

DSC_0674  DSC_0692

DSC_0705 DSC_0697


DSC_0711 DSC_0714

DSC_0723 DSC_0725  DSC_0730



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