Copenhagen: Torvehallerne Food Markets

New to Copenhagen? You dont want that hassle of walking around an unknown land trying to read a danish menu or wondering if the food will be any good? Well I have taken that stress out of your planning and picked a place that everyone can enjoy. Toverhallerne food markets is home to 60 stalls, whether you’re there to have brunch or to buy that fresh produce to cook with, this is the place you want to visit.

Toverhallerne1 Toverhallerne2 Toverhallerne3 Toverhallerne4

Whats great is that it’s actually indoors, over two beautiful glass buildings with plenty of seats inside and out. If you are a tourist like myself don’t worry it was easy enough to find, located straight outside the Norreport Station.

I actually went for something a little different, I had a salmon and avocado cream wrap from the Paleo stall, which is the first restaurant to serve paleo food in Denmark. To be honest I was a little unsure on what i was ordering since the menu was in Danish, but the server was more then happy to explain in English roughly what everything was. However it was deliciously light and the wrap was actually like am omelette, which I don’t usually eat egg but the taste was very minimal. If healthy isn’t your thing, go for that pizza sandwich! Delicious dough, tad oily but maybe that was because I was eating something so healthy ha! If you want that something sweet, or something fried, or that something healthy these markets are where you want to be!

Pizza Sandwich
Pizza Sandwich
Salmon and Avo Cream Paleo Wrap
Salmon and Avo Cream Paleo Wrap



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  1. @askans says:

    Thanks for the useful introduction to the market hall. I like that you hints for tourists to overcome their fears 🙂

    And now you are on my list:


    1. Thanks @askan! I love food markets! Im always on the hunt in London and any country I visit!


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