Event: Taste of London

Food, booze and more booze. This was the case for London’s Taste of London this year. Highly excited about this event since eating my fatty guts out at the Taste of Auckland the last few years, I must say I was a tad disappointed. 

I know London is big on its drinking culture, but felt Taste of London was more focussed on the alcohol than showcasing gourmet food from amazing talented chefs.
Dont get me wrong, there was still plenty of opportunity to fill up the belly, but i felt i didn’t get that excitement where I wanted to eat everything from all the restaurants like Auckland. I feel like they really cater for the English crowd, serving simpler dishes. Its great that they came out super quick, but it meant the dishes lost their quality. I would have rather waited 5mins longer for a steaming hot dish. It just means the quality of the dish is lost and these are suppose to be some of London’s top restaurants on display.
From what I did sample..
  • Barbecoa: Smoked and Fried Wings – Tasty dish, but in my mind I thought they may have been crispy hence being fried. Cooked well, not sure the white bbq sauce flavour was that strong, but the cashews gave the dish a nice amount of texture.


  • Duck and Waffle: Duck and Waffle – sampling “THE” dish. The waffle was deliciously fluffy and the duck and egg was cooked well. I dont think the dish was amazing and for 12crowns — eek but I am willing to give it a 2nd chance at the restaurant itself and hope the quality and flavours are more accurate.
  • L’Autre Pied: Cornish Crab – Very light and refreshing dish! Well balanced and definitely has made me want to eat at the restaurant.
  • Spice Market: Crispy Soft Shell Crab – I can’t get enough of soft shell crab – who can’t?! The slaw was rather sad looking though and the proportion of filling to the large bun was completely wrong. Great conception, just needs a few tweaks.
  • Shake Shack: Malted Marshmallow Dessert – So delish. The peanut butter was subtle and not too overwhelming and the choc covered pretzels just made this dish!
Overall – A very different scene to the Taste of Auckland. A few hits and misses but if you are more of an alcoholic then a foodie then def venture here next year.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Taste of Auckland, which I think is an incredibly well run food festival. It’s a shame that the London version wasn’t to your liking! I wonder if the locals feel that way too or if it’s your different perspective?

    I would have ordered the Crispy Soft Shell Crab bao too. Doesn’t look like there is enough sauce in it though.

    Something kind of weird to note though, is the weather at Taste London looks way better than Taste of Auckland. Last year our festival was a mud pit!

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    1. Yer we are on the same page!! Oh yes I know I was there! Yes I think we were lucky, I did try and book tickets based on the weather lol. At least at this one in london they had walking paths on the grass incase of bad weather which the Auckland festival needs to adopt. 🙂


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