Event: Birchall Tea, A family tradition since 1872

Birchall Tea is more than a brand. Its a company where family generations have enriched and continued a high quality tea from East Africa. Being contacted personally from Birchall, I was asked to attend a lovely afternoon of fine tea tasting at the very exquisite Rosewood Hotel.

DSC_0202           DSC_0203

I drink tea myself personally – more the standard English breakfast and green tea but never had the opportunity to gain an understanding on how different companies produce their tea leaves and the differentiation in colour. The Graham family thoroughly showed the comparison on different tea leaves with a blind comparison on different tea companies – each cup being brewed for two minutes before having a tablespoon of milk added. At a glance, I was thinking they all look the same, what are these people on about, but after actually each cup was shown under the correct lighting and next to one another, the colour difference was very apparent.

DSC_0201    DSC_0200

We were shown the difference in the grounded tea leaves, and how Birchall Tea is 100% pure main grade black leaf, which means no dust, powder or stalk. The teabag has given companies today the opportunity to hide what they put into the bag.

 DSC_0207           DSC_0212

After a very interesting lesson, we were fortunate to sample the range of Birchall Teas whilst nibbling from a beautiful display of afternoon cakes and finger sandwiches. I have never been that adventurous with tea flavours in the fear that they will be too sweet. However I was considerably surprised. If you are looking for that something different I would recommend the lemongrass and ginger!

I consider myself very lucky to be invited to such a wonderful and insightful event and thankful for all the goodies to take home after. If you are looking for that high quality, top of the line product, get trying Birchall Tea. You won’t be disappointed!


DSC_0210           DSC_0213


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