Event: Beef’n it up at National Burger Day London

Burger Bonanza! London is all about their burgers, and with that came National Burger Day. I have been introduced to an array of restaurants that just up the ante. I thought the burger was the American favourite, but the English can’t get enough of them. Nida from Food Diaries London and I went to the festival dedicated to burgers in Dalston. If you missed out this year, not to worry, go check out some of these restaurants and see how much of a burger connoisseur you are!


Some of the top burger stalls of the night … Dip and Flip. My favourite by far! The first time where I have been given plastic gloves to eat the burger! Theyย pride themselves on taking two days to make the most delicious gravy which is poured over the burger on serving. I am a huge lover for gravy and chips so I may be slightly bias to this burger, but its extremely tasty and cooked to perfection.

Another burger that was something a little different was Le Bun, which focuses on French American street food. Instead of an actual patty, they offer delicious pulled beef, shaved truffle with a very soft bun. It was a very juicy burger and would order it again.ย 


Slider Bar brought Bangkok to London for a night. To be honest my expectations weren’t high, however I was nicely surprised. It was a great size to share between two and it was a nice change with an Asian twist.ย 

Slider Bar Burger

If you are a lover of bone marrow – then Smoke Stak is for you! Perfect bite of meat, bun and bone marrow.

Smoke Stak Burger

If you think you know burgers, have you had all of these?


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