Mini Guide: Geneva, Will you be my potato rosti as I am fond-of-u

Travelling Europe has been an absolute dream. I just casually flew to Geneva for the weekend, and it was great to finally just take a weekend casually, see the sites and feed our fat faces in country best know for potato, chocolate and cheese. 


Here are my tips to Geneva:

  1. Take a heap of money because damn food is expensive and if you love to eat, then you dont want to be disappointed.
  2. Vist Mount Saleve and go up the cable car
  3. Its likes visiting France, everyone speaks french but they are all nicer than the French. – not a tip just a fact
  4. Check out Manor – huge department store and amazing food court/supermarket on the bottom floor!!
  5. Stuff your face with Potato Rosti, Choc and Fondue

If you want that authentic Potato Rosti, check out Cafe Bourg de Four – found in the Old City. A very funky and unique interior and the staff are very friendly. Although the menu is in French the waiter happily translated the toppings for the rostis. These rostis were filling and delicious. Crispy on the outside and soft and velvety on the inside. I would highly recommend it!!

DSC_0426    DSC_0435

Ham and Eggs Rosti
Ham and Eggs Rosti
Prosciutto, Aubergine and Mozarella Rosti
Prosciutto, Aubergine and Mozarella Rosti

If you want that fondue experience we visited Cafe Du Soleil. It was still central, but just a little further out. We rang to book, – which I highly recommend. We didn’t get a booking until 9:30pm on Sat night, though we weren’t too bothered as we had stuffed our faces with rostis for lunch. Again the restaurant was bustling with customers, all who were sharing the fondue. You’re served a huge plate of bread and prepare to feel cheesed out by the end of it. If that wasn’t enough, try the Malakoff, which is pretty much deep fried cheese on toast. You only live once so why not .. although my digestion said otherwise. The waitress was extremely friendly and helpful. We also were told it was great value for money as they don’t charge you per person and can just buy one to share. Great authentic Swiss restaurant and would return again.

12226801_10208054330335349_1230767242_n       12226440_10208054330695358_1998042230_n

12212057_10208054330655357_364923189_n      12233474_10208054330815361_2033252059_n

If you are still hungry, there are plenty of choc shops to feed that sweet tooth. Now on a diet till the weekend!


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