Auckland: Gypsy Caravan

A quirky joint in the heart of Ponsonby. To my surprise the day we turned up on a mid week day for lunch, was to a very quiet and empty restaurant. However dont let that scare you off, I am sure its pumping during the weekends or evenings.


It took me back to my trip around Greece and Turkey, where the food takes inspiration from. Without realising we ordered all vegetarian dishes however I am not sure it made them any healthier considering 2x of the dishes we ordered were completely cheese HA!

Pan Fried Ouzo Cheese

I actually ate cheese saganaki (Video on Instagram for anyone who loves cheese!) in Athens so having the pan fried ouzo cheese was a similar experience – although a little less stringy fromย the true thing, it was still awesome having it lit on fire – maybe just order it for the excitement! The Butternut squash was delicately soft and the puffed wheat brought a nice texture to the dish – the only slightly off putting part of the dish was the charred pumpkin broth — now when you think of a broth you picture a silky clear liquid with a pack of flavour – however although packed that punch you can see its almost gelatinous, which isn’t very appeasing on the eyes.

Butternut Squash

The polenta chips are perfectly put together but could have just used a bit more seasoning – maybe that comes down to personal preference. If you feel like you can fit a bit more cheese into your diet, then order more cheese! Ha – grab the goat cheese balls. They were crunchy with a creamy inside and finished off with a dressing of honey.

Gypsy Caravan serves delicious and inventive tapas. Check it out next time to you’re in Ponsonby and wash the food down with one of their many cocktails.


Food:ย 9/10

Service: 10/10

Value for Money: Very good

Opening Hours:

Tues-Sun, 12pm-Late

130 Ponsonby rd, Ponsonby

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  1. Trying this place out tonight – can’t wait!


    1. Yay! Let me know what you think and what you get!!

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