Auckland: Wu & You

Trend Alert: Another new Asian fusion restaurant has popped up on the Auckland food scene, situated on Mt Eden Road, Wu & You. How can you not be sucked into visiting a place which makes a soft shell crab taco, where the whole taco is tempura fried.

Very recently opened, I think they are still finding their feet, there is a great concept but execution isn’t 100% there yet. Lets break it down:

Little Guys

Octopus Doughnuts – A take on your favourite Japanese dish – takoyaki. Sadly the execution wasn’t great. The batter was crispy however the filling let this dish down. The octopus was completely lost in the batter and you would hardly know it was octopus.

Himalayan Salt Slab Cured Market Fish – a cool way of serving the fish and giving it the salt required. This was a beautifully delicate dish. It would be great to just up the acidity slightly.

Tuna Sashimi Pizza – great notion but again sadly just missing on the execution. When avocado sits out – it browns. Diners are looking for that freshness in a dish. In this case the kitchen have pre-prepared the avo mix in advance which loses its appeal, no one wants to be served brown avo, sorry team. On the plus side, the tuna was well portioned and fresh.

Tuna Sashimi Pizza

Bigger Guys

Wu Fried Chicken – Who doesn’t love fried chicken?! Its alway a must when ordering. Wu’s chicken was crispy and deliciously moist on the inside. My only small issue was the portion size for $18. I would recommend adding some more chicken to the dish or maybe lower the price.

Wu Fried Chicken


Mr Krab’s Nori Taco – As the menu says this dish is 100% Epic! Maybe bias as I love soft shell crab, but managing to deep fry the entire taco with it – EPIC! This would definitely be on my repeat order list. Lets step up the other dishes to meet this one please!

Mr Krab’s Nori Taco


Sushi Fries – tempura fried rice chips. Love the concept as I LOVE chips, but there was a real oily velvety after taste. I really think this idea is fab but it needs to be lighter, less oily and needs a more sushi feel. I think the rice could be great with added flavour and textures instead of literally just frying rice in batter.

Sushi Fries

I want to love Wu & You because everything on the menu is something that shouts YUM and the dishes are normally what I would choose when I dine out. This is a place I am happy to give time to settle and will return in the next few months to hopefully see some much needed improvements.



Food: 5/10

Service: 8/10

Value for Money: Ok


399 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:30am-Lateย 

Wu and You Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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