Auckland: The Butcher’s Son

Vegan eateries – are they a new trend or trying to make a difference to our ever-changing environment?

This past weekend we dined at newcomer The Butcher’s Son. I admit I’m always a tad sceptical when dining at a vegan eatery but am always open to being wowed. Was I wowed this weekend? Not really no sadly. I expected more after the high scoring reviews online maybe its because I didn’t order the “Chicken Burger”. But don’t you hate that ย – who wants to go to a place and have ordered the wrong item.

Weekend brunch can always be a time for a place to be heaving and this was no different. I am always happy to be at a shared table to sit down quicker and eat, however I am not sure sitting cosily on a high table with a party of 4 is exactly what I expected. To be honest it felt like we were on another customers table with us awkwardly sitting on the end, having to speak quietly to have our own conversation, whilst being completed over spoken by the very loud fellow diners on the table. I would highly recommend making some sort of change here because this was uncomfortable.

For the non-vegan diner/eater the menu made for a confusing experience. With ingredients like ‘feta’, ‘cheese’, ‘chicken’ ‘sour cream’ – all items you would normally find on a general menu – but what does this mean in vegan terms? The menu has no explanation of what these items actually are and when we asked our waiter she still didn’t clarify what we were eating. If you are promoting real food – why not just state exactly what it is – or maybe have a translation table at the bottom of the menu for us ‘vegans for dummies’

The Med

The food – The Loaded Sweet Potato and The Med. I really wanted to enjoy the meal more and don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but we both agreed they’re the type of meals we would generally make at home. Both dishes were too simple. It really lacked a restaurant level of presentation. The Med – the falafels were over cooked – too crispy and on the dry side, with the broccolini just thrown on hiding the rest of the items. The carrot did not belong there, the colour alone with the pink beetroot hummus is not a happy marriage. ย  The Loaded Sweet Potato however was a good portion size and well-seasoned it just lacked imagination and that wow.

Loaded Sweet Potato

Maybe my expectations are too high but when the competition is strong in Auckland you always have to ask after each meal, would I return here?. I am not biased to any type of cuisine, fad or venture when it comes to dining but I will always return to a place if I fall in love with the food.



Food: 5/10

Service: 5/10

Value for Money: Good


24 Jervois Road, Herne Bay

Opening Hours:

Sun-Weds 8am-4pm

Thurs-Sat 8am-late



The Butcher's Son Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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