Hi, I’m Courtney, passionate about finding the next new food joint and hidden gems across Auckland and around the world with my love for travel and sharing them with others.

Happy Eating.


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  1. Angus says:

    Hey Courtney,

    Loving the blog and have found some great eateries around Auckland based on your reviews so thanks! As a self titled “bit of a dumpling snob” I was wondering whereabouts in Auckland you would recommend as the go to dumpling joint?

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    1. Hey Thanks Angus, thats awesome to hear! To be honest most of the time the best dumplings are when I go for yum char at sun world in Newmarket or my local yum char is Lucky Fortune Restaurant in Three Kings. If you just want dumplings on my own I used to buy fresh ones – boiled from Royal City Dumpling in Royal Oak – real random place but their ones with red peppers are really tasty. But I yet to go but you could try Mr Zhou’s Dumplings in New Lynn – they are the original owners from New Flavour on Dominion Road which is where I used to go before it changed ownership. Hopefully that helps? 🙂


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