Hi there,

I’m Courtney a Culinary Arts and Business graduate from Auckland, New Zealand.

Food Fanatic – nick name Fatty


When I’m not stuffing my face at the latest new eatery, I am living up my other passions for travel and theme parks, whilst working in the travel industry.

This blog is a journal of my honest opinions during my dining experience of restaurants and cafes to your everyday street food. Friends/colleagues are constantly asking where to eat? whats good? whats cheap?

My goal is to give friends and readers an honest point of view and advice for eateries on potential improvements that other food lovers would like to see.

Happy Eating.


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  1. Angus says:

    Hey Courtney,

    Loving the blog and have found some great eateries around Auckland based on your reviews so thanks! As a self titled “bit of a dumpling snob” I was wondering whereabouts in Auckland you would recommend as the go to dumpling joint?

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    1. Hey Thanks Angus, thats awesome to hear! To be honest most of the time the best dumplings are when I go for yum char at sun world in Newmarket or my local yum char is Lucky Fortune Restaurant in Three Kings. If you just want dumplings on my own I used to buy fresh ones – boiled from Royal City Dumpling in Royal Oak – real random place but their ones with red peppers are really tasty. But I yet to go but you could try Mr Zhou’s Dumplings in New Lynn – they are the original owners from New Flavour on Dominion Road which is where I used to go before it changed ownership. Hopefully that helps? 🙂


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