Auckland: Xuxu Dumpling Bar

Xuxu is the little sister to Cafe Hanoi across the road. The newly modern dumpling bar serves two great combinations, dumplings and cocktails. To be honest, I am a bit of a dumpling snob. Im at yum char either every second week but my expectations are high due to the traditional Chinese dumplings my grandma makes. 

Auckland: Mexico

Mexico is where you can have boisterous vibes, cocktails and cheap Mexican eats. With its popularity the stores have begun to spread to other areas of the country after starting a few in Auckland. 

Auckland: Wild Wheat

I believe Wild Wheat has a few stores around Auckland, with the Mt Eden store being my local. Known for selling a range of artisan bread loaves, they also offer handmade sandwiches on their delicious pide along with a few other deli items. 

Auckland: Crepes a go go

Crepes A Go Go is a great quick bite for lunch. Located in Ponsonby Central it’s a cute small stall inside, with a couple of sharing tables and a bar table that sits in front of the stall itself.

Auckland: Fatimas

Fatima’s has been around for some time now and I have been quite a regular customer to the Ponsonby branch, the other being in Takapuna. Fatima’s is a great takeout option for a filling and tasty feed. 

Auckland: Big J’s

I was actually recommended Big J’s before it made it on The Metro’s Cheap Eat list. Friends of mine live near by and were raving about Big J’s. I have been wanting to come since xmas of last year after seeing plenty of photos of their burgers posted on FB. Big J’s is takeaways with a difference. Its owned and…

Auckland: La Voie Française

Must I say more about La Voie Francaise?? The pics do all the talking! This is a wonderful French bakery where Japanese baker Tetsuya Namekawa crafted his skill from patisserie artisan Pierre Herme. 

Auckland: Bird on a wire

Bird on a Wire is great eatery for a “Quick Bite”. This place does amazing rotisserie chicken and its all Free Range, Woohoo! This place is great as its cheap and all relatively healthy – for all you health conscious peeps out there. 

Auckland: Bedford Soda and Liquor

I have named Bedford Soda & Liquor a Quick Bite as it follows a similar idea as Burger Burger (Casual, quick eating). Also found in Ponsonby Central, its a place specialising in meatballs. Although this place seams original – which it is in Auckland, after some research, Bedford is a follow on from a place in America. 

Auckland: Best Ugly Bagels

AL Brown’s Best Ugly Bagels is a must have. To be honest, I really dislike bagels. They are stodgy and heavy and I think its like 5 slices of bread in one bagel. However Al will change your mind.

Auckland: Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious is a tucked away store/cafe in Eden Terrace. Unless you work around there or someone told you about it, you would hardly notice it. Goodness Gracious offers a menu of NY Bagels, which the store follows a similar concept at Best Ugly Bagels.