Are you are Baller?

  That is a Meat Ball-er fan. Balls and Co bring an elegant but fairly priced menu offering a selection of meat balls with your choice of sauces. It is simple, to the point and you’re not asked if you want to pay for water – free tap water is automatically placed at your table!…

London: Bukowski

Bukowski Grill is found in Shoreditch and Brixton offering up charcoal grilled burgers! New to London, we are discovering where to find somewhere that offers originality and a product thats great value for money. We came across box park in Shoreditch, where all the eateries and stalls are in shipping containers. 

Auckland: The Flaming Onion

The Flaming Onion has been on my radar for quite some time. A mate and I have been on a hunt for the best burgers in Auckland. If you too are a burger junkie, then I would recommend checking out The Flaming Onion.